Small dimensions only 80 mm height , 80 mm width and 12 mm depth makes WallFi® capable fitting in most wall boxes available in the market. Easy installation like a common wall socket.


The power supply on the back plate of WallFi® have a range from 85VAC up to 265VAC. So it can work all over the world without the need of an external adapter.


The WallFi® also can be powered through Rj45 connector(PoE). Adjustable step down converter ensures stable power output regardless the losses from long cables.


The Innovative and elegant design makes WallFi® ideal not only for modern rooms but for classic places also.  The clear high gloss plastic in the middle, illuminated with a white discreet light coming from a led.


Repeater mode is also available on WallFi®. Even if your existing wireless router not covers all your place with wifi signal, install a WallFi® and solve your problem in a minute.


The wide coverage area of wifi signal that WallFi® offers, eliminating the problem of attenuated signal. Combinations of small dimensions and best coverage makes WallFi® the best In-wall Access Point.